5 Trends Predicted for the Lodging Industry in 2021

The way most of us view travel and vacations now is quite different in the aftermath of a global pandemic. While the popularity of crowded resorts and busy city streets beckoned to many in the past, now the thought of close quarters and non-existent social distancing makes many want to just stay home. How will that change the lodging industry in 2021? Ralph Hollister, Travel and Tourism Analyst for GlobalData, stated “Hotels that cannot provide more secluded spots or offer increased booking flexibility could be at risk of losing out even further in 2021. Rate plans to accommodate longer stays need to be offered, whilst the marketing of no-touch technology and increased hygiene procedures needs to be increasingly visible.”

Let’s take a look at five trends that are being predicted for the hotel industry this year:

1. Longer Stays

With many having held off on a vacation for quite some time, when the time comes to have one, the tendency will be to go “all-out” on one long trip. Lodging locations would be wise to implement rate plans for extended stays to accommodate these travelers.

2. Increased Privacy

Social Distance is the new Social Hour and lodging spots in remote locations are in vogue. Honestly, doesn’t a cabin in the mountains sound great right about now?

3. Improved Hygiene Procedures

I think it is safe to say that we are all more health and cleanliness oriented than we ever were before. Not only do hotels need a robust sanitation system, but they need to heavily market how they are keeping guests safe.

4. More No-Touch Technology

Following suit with the need to feel safe with cleaning procedures, guests also gravitate to lodging that offers the ability to touch very few shared surfaces, cutting down on potential exposure to COVID-19.

5. Enhanced Flexibility

Given the tough times, many families have found themselves in over the past year, and will likely face in months to come, it Is important to have flexible cancellation policies.

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Source: Lodging Magazine

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