DEADLINE APPROACHING: Annual Corporate Reports 2021 due soon!

Our team at Gulati Law is sending you this friendly reminder of the deadline to update your business’s Annual Corporate Report with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. If you have not filed yet, please prepare to do so soon. 

The report must be filed before May 1, 2021, to avoid state-imposed fines of $400 or more.  

Any for-profit corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership or limited liability limited partnership will be required to file annually. The annual report is not a financial statement. The report is used to update or confirm the Florida Department of State records and must be filed each year whether or not the information has changed.   

It is also a good time to verify that your records are in order. Make sure that… 

  • All major decisions requiring owner/partner approvals have been documented and are included in the company’s record books. 
  • Secretary of State filings due during the year have been filed (please note Florida’s deadline is May 1st, 2021). 
  • Agreements among members, employees, and consultants have been documented and signed. 
  • The company’s agreed value (if applicable), financial statements, and ownership records are current. 
  • State taxes (if applicable) have been paid and business licenses renewed. 
  • The company is in good standing in its state of formation and in each state where it is qualified to do business. 
  • And most importantly your family estate plan is up to date 

Contact us today to file your annual renewal. 

We also offer complimentary service as your Registered Agent, which you can update as part of your Annual Corporate Report filing. Please Contact Us for assistance with your Annual filings.  


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