Real Estate Investment

In order for a real estate investment transaction to go smoothly it is best advised that the parties involved seek a Florida Real Estate Attorney.

Gulati Law offers services such as Letters of Intent to purchase properties that investors are interested, with the aim of ultimately preparing a binding contract that will be based on the terms of the Letter of Intent.

We have helped many investors with Letters of Intent and Contracts for the Sale and Purchase of Real Estate property in Florida. Having worked on both sides of the transaction, Buyer and Seller, we are able to approach with an open mind and your interest on hand.

Gulati Law insures that sequential and concurrent due diligence is being conducted in a timely manner to meet Contract requirements and reach a desired closing date.

During these transactions we work with surveyors, engineers, architects, contractors, as well as local and state planning agencies.

Gulati Law is also equipped to conduct Closings offering title searches and title insurance. The Closing Agents can ensure that the transaction is properly closed, money is transferred, and title is timely recorded.

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