The Difference Between a Trademark and Registered Mark

The Difference Between a Trademark and Registered Mark

Intellectual property is defined as creative work that comes to life. A registered trademark and trademark both protect intellectual property; however they protect the mark in different ways.

If you are trademarking you are most likely trademarking a logo, symbol, or name. Anything that is associated with your product or services can be trademarked.  Some things however cannot be trademarked, like common names.

Essentially, the difference between a registered trademark, designated by the symbol ®, and a trademark, designated by ™, is the word “registered.” The main difference is that a registered trademark has been officially registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or its foreign equivalent. A trademark (™) may be in the process of becoming registered with the USPTO, or it may never be officially registered at all. The main advantage to registered trademarks is that it is a nationwide recognition that the symbol, or name that you’re using is yours.

If you are interested in protecting your logo, symbol, name or trade name, contact a Florida Trademark & Copyright Attorney who can help protect your intellectual property rights. Gulati Law has successfully obtained numerous positive approvals for clients, including responding to any office actions that came along in the process.

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