Purchased a New Property In Florida? Beware of Solicitations!


As many of you know, the process of purchasing a new home, or commercial property involves quite a few important documents that you need to be familiar with. Title and Deed documents are given to you by your attorney. Usually, these documents are also accessible online via your county’s property appraiser’s website FOR FREE. In instances where you have purchased a new property, you may receive a letters in the mail that might look like an official county or state document which states that you will need to take additional steps to finalize documentation, or that you will need to order vital documentation that shows ownership of your property.


This mailing will have your name, parcel number, and property address on it. What Record Transfer Services is doing might not be illegal; however, these services are usually already performed either before or at closing by a title company or real estate attorney. A title search is usually performed by a title company or an attorney, who researches the vested owner, the liens or other judgments on the property, the loans on the property and the property taxes due before the closing is done. If duplicates are needed or documents are misplaced from your records, these documents can usually be found via your county property appraiser’s website or you may contact your real estate attorney.


Given that the letter includes a deadline for which to request for these documents, it appears to be an official document, however, make special note of the disclaimer in fine print at the bottom of the letter: “This product or service has not been approved, or endorsed by any government…” Generally, if you receive a solicitation asking for more money after your closing, it is not necessary and is rarely legitimate. If you are not sure or you would like more information, contact your Florida Real Estate attorney or title company as soon as possible.

Title Insurance Surcharge Fee To be Collected for Title Policies in Florida

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has ruled that starting September 2, 2014 all title insurance policies issued in Florida will include a separate surcharge of $3.28. The fee will be aggregated statewide for payment of claims and administration expenses for two failed domestic title underwriters that are currently in receivership:  K.E.L Title Insurance Group, Inc. formerly owned by partners of the KEL law firm in Orlando and National Title Insurance Company.

The fee will show on the HUD-1 Settlement Statement (commonly known as the Closing Statement) the assessment fee should be charged to the party contractually responsible for paying the premium for the policy. The Assessment should be shown on a blank line in the 1100 block of the Closing Statement.

Every agent or attorney, must add this assessment on every closing beginning September 2, 2014. This is a temporary fee and will apply until the State determines it has recouped related costs and covered all outstanding liabilities for these two companies.

Premier Florida Title is proud to have been audited and approved as issuing title agents for one of the largest and most financially sound title underwriters and the Office of Insurance Regulation.

This informational article is brought to you by Gulati Law and Premier Florida Title, as we wanted to ensure our entire valued REALTOR’s, lenders, and clients are aware of these new surcharge developments and are well informed on the real estate closing and title process.

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