Generation Y- The New Home Buyers

Generation Y- The New Home Buyers

The Real Estate market seems to be booming. Experts claim that the market is only going to get better because Generation Y is now of age to start buying homes.

Many college students are getting in the age bracket, where they are starting to think about buying rather than renting a home.  Generally speaking it now sometimes cheaper to buy a home and make mortgage payments on the house, than renting a home from someone else. It is an investment for the future. The housing market currently has listings very low in pricing, but this phenomenon will not last for long like most other commodities, prices will rise and fall according to supply and demand.  When the value does rise, you can look forward to a little bit of a profit on the equity in your home. The upside also is that you don’t have to worry about redoing a lease or finding a new place to live.

Generation Y is one of the largest generations left and they are in the market to buy. Like any other investment and life decision opportunity, you should seek legal advice on your purchase of real estate. If you have any more questions about the real estate market or properties do not hesitate to contact us at Gulati Law, we will be happy to help.

Source: Florida News

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